Monday, October 15, 2012


This cleanout diet has been a real challenge and eye opener for me, as I know it has for many of you. Over the weekend I've been doing a lot of deep thinking and pondering over food. Sometimes I think I obsess and stress a little too much over food. But after going to church and talking about it there, and talking with friends and family I've just come to realize a few things:
  1. There is SO much information out there. Diets, quick fixes, different healing foods, foods that are bad for you etc. Some days I feel like every single thing I put in my mouth could be linked to some "government conspiracy", or is "genetically modified" or could ruin this or that part of my body... the list goes on.
  2. It's important to be educated. Read, study, find out what's out there.
  3. Pray. Pray to be guided to the answers you need. I've been trying to pray more about being guided to foods that will not hurt my stomach. Then focus on enjoying the ones I CAN eat. (I could DEFINITELY still improve in this particular area.
  4. Everyones bodies are different. What works for my body, may not necessarily be the exact answer for someone else. I feel like the person I am and the place I am at nutritionally is a compliation of many different sources of people, doctors, nutritionist, literature and internet advice.
  5. Real food is intended to nourish our bodies, our gifts from God. I think that as long as I do my best to take care of that gift, even though it won't be perfect, He will bless me for it.
  6. Take time to get to know your body and may you be blessed in finding what works for you.
So good luck to everyone, and I hope you are all doing better and feeling good on this diet. I'm excited for it to be over!! :)

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