Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Saturday was our 7th anniversary. Usually we go out to eat on conference weekend, especially when it falls over our anniversary. But I really didnt want to go to a restaurant and pay for unseasoned, unflavored food (trying to be good on the diet) and watch the rest of my family eat something delicious in front of me. So we decided not to go out. Then because it was General Conference my husband was at the priesthood meeting that night. My baby was having a rough time going to sleep, when i realized no one had fed him dinner. The kids were already fed and in bed, so I fed the baby and by the time he was down it was nearly 8:30. So I finally got around to making my own dinner, made some cabbage, chicken and a nice big smoothie! Look how delicious that looks!!
As I was carrying my food into the living room to rest on the couch and watch a show something happened... I'm not even sure what exactly. Maybe the condensation on the glass, or I bumped the wall. Either way my smoothie started to slip out of my hands. I tried to catch it with the hand holding my plate of food, but all that did was dump my food on the floor along with the smoothie that had escaped my grasp and shattered. As you can see it went all the way up the book case. Not to mention it was all over the backpack you can just see a little of and a few other things not in the picture. I stood there in shock, tired, hungry and just not sure whether to cry or laugh. Luckily I had my phone in my pocket, so I quickly took a sad picture to send to my husband, then I decided to sit down and have a good cry out before cleaning it up. (and no I'm not pregnant, even though I usually only drop and break things when I am...)
Then I could laugh about it. After I got it clean up I turned around and made more dinner, more smoothie and finally got to watch my show. By then it was near 9:30... oh well. Happy anniversary to me. I told myself when this thing is over I'm taking my husband somewhere awesome to eat!

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  1. This reminds me of the children's book "A Quiet Night" In by Jill Murphy. One of my favorite books because this is too real. So sad and yet so real.