Thursday, September 20, 2012

Coming To Jesus

Why I want to do this clean out diet

A couple of years ago, I was suffering from some seriously painful stomach aches. I couldn't figure out why. I was being so careful to avoid gluten! (or so I thought). I went to this awesome doctor and she suggested I do an elimination diet. Basically go off of ALL allergens, whether I had a known allergy for it or not, for three months, then slowly add them back into my diet (minus the gluten of course). Then if something bothered me I'd know what it was. I did that and in the end was able to heal my stomach and found the only thing I was truly allergic to was gluten, and with a strong gut I could handle all those other foods.

At the same time I also decided to crack down on myself spiritually. I knew that if I prayed more, read the scriptures more and tried to just be better, that Heavenly Father would bless me, and hopefully help make this overwhelming task more manageable.

To make a long story shorter... it took about two months until I really felt totally clean. During those two months I really felt like Heavenly Father was guiding me and helping me along, slowly... I found gluten in places I hadn't even thought of. Lotion, foods that were cross contaminated, packaged in the same facility etc. Once I eliminated all of those, my stomach was able to heal and I felt better than I had ever felt. I was proud of myself for being able to stick to it for so long, but also grateful to my Heavenly Father for his help. I know I couldn't have done it alone.

So I want to do this again to get my stomach back to that point, and hopefully I can continue to do this once every year to just sort of clean out all the junk. Recently my husband and I have come up with a saying, with some help and advice from some family. When someone (me in particular) starts to feel angry, upset, guilty etc. we say, "You have 90 seconds to feel that emotion, then you take it to Jesus."

 So as you go through this experience, whether you are doing the clean out or just trying to eliminate the gluten, when you start to feel sorry for yourself, or angry with your body, or just plain depressed tell yourself to feel that emotion for 90 seconds (and REALLY feel it. Let yourself.) then say a quick prayer and give it to Jesus. I know that He can help us on this journey.



  1. I can totally picture Michael saying that :) Miss you all!!