Sunday, September 23, 2012


Today was rough. The cravings have begun. The anger and grief that accompany the desire for forbidden foods have surfaced. I definitiely wanted chocolate, among many other sweet and snacky foods. I did manage to make some yummy Cinnamon Pecans but they ended up really hurting my stomach and making me bloated. Sad day. Maybe if I sprout them...
I also definitely shed a few tears and had a major rant and rave with my husband. There's just a lot of emotional stress and feelings that accompany food. Thoughts like "is this the right thing?" "Why am I doing this again?" come to mind. There are so many different "clean out" diets out there, and things that it just makes it hard. And for some reason I'm not filled with as much conviction and desire to do this one as last time. Don't worry I will be strong... I hope. I will try. My husband told me I should cave and be human and eat some chocolate... but I stayed strong. I fully understand if some of you didn't.
There's my rant. Just wanted you all to know that I miss my chocolate.  

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  1. What doesn't chocolate come from a bean so it is veggie or legume and legal? I am so disappointed. Congrats on being strong.