Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 7 Menu and Recipes

Honestly it's the weekend and  I'm trying to keep it fairly simple, because Saturday's can get a little crazy...

Breakfast - You're favorite breakfast from the week

Lunch - Steak?? (see story below) Or left overs

Dinner - Leftover chicken, or some Salad's with the leftover chicken on top. And lots of cooked up veggies.

Sorry today is kind of a lame menu day, I just need to clean out my fridge of leftovers. We ended up going to a local butchers shop today, which was actually kind of cool... if you like meat. I've decided I'm a true carnivor. I LOVE meat. While seeing half a cow hanging by it's back legs from the ceiling is a little disturbing in some ways, it was still kind of cool to see that the meat we were buying was TRULY fresh! Hence the "Steak" for lunch. Of course my husband had to buy a few steaks. But hey, at least he agreed to join us on the diet! :)

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