Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 18 Menu and Recipes

So for dinner tonight I just did a Ham in the crock pot with baked sweet potatoes (and regular for the kids). I have to admit it was a slight failure... I over cooked the ham a little. It was still pretty tasty, and it was sort of falling apart, which I like but it did have a slightly burned flavor... just slightly. And i'm just not a fan of baked potatoes, sweet or not, without my butter and sour cream... what can I say, I like my dairy. I also did green beans with it. Once again I was husbandless tonight and amid the chaos of two very demanding children, and a hungry baby who wanted milk, but for some reason my body was refusing to produce it.... I forgot to take pictures... So I'm sorry if I'm letting anyone down... if anyone even reads this one.... GOOD LUCK!

Also I think Satan is out to get me, because I had decided earlier to try to be more positive with this diet, and find the good things about it, and then this evening happened and I'm feeling upset and frustrated with it all over again. SO I'm going to say one positive that has come of this diet. I think I've lost some weight! I don't have a scale, but my pants are a little looser, so I think those few extra baby pounds have been shed. (let's just hope they aren't the milk pounds...) YAY!


  1. I think you are doing so great Rachel! I think it's very safe to say that you haven't let anyone down! You have been an inspiration to me ever since you started helping me go gluten free and even more so now that you are helping me with this cleanse diet. I think you are awesome and I miss ya!

  2. Oh, and I've been recommending your blog to tons of people who read and love it!

  3. I hope it gets better than these last two days! You're so strong, it's amazing:)